Five Sauvignon Blancs

With the lockdown continuing in our area, we have experimented with various ways of keeping our Eurocave stocked. (In the U.S., Wine Enthusiast is the exclusive distributor.) Luckily our old pal Wilfred Wong started, featuring home delivery of, well, everything. (Naturally, shipping is subject to the laws in your state or country.)  Browsing the catalog we happened on five sauvignon blancs. We knew about four of these wineries from our delightful experience at A Taste of New Zealand in 2017.  Forthwith our reviews.

Whitehaven, under the direction of pioneering winemaker Sue White, continues to produce outstanding wines. Their 2019 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is no exception. On the nose, pineapple with just a hint of lime. Palate is more pineapple with solid honeydew melon, and an underpinning of lime. Long, elegant finish. Currently on sale at for $15.99.

WhiteHaven's Sue White

WhiteHaven’s Sue White (click for larger image)

We profiled Whitehaven and Sue White a few years ago.

Greywacke continues two traditions.  First, their wines are great.  Second, they have the most unusual name we’ve encountered recently.  Their 2019 Kevin Rudd sauvignon blanc has floral notes with added aromas of white peaches and honeydew melon.  The palate continues the pattern established by the nose with an added touch of rose petals.  Also on sale at for $18.99.

Luckily for us Greywacke has an explanation of their name.

Greywacke about Five Sauvignon Blancs

(click for larger image)

Craggy Range offered their 2019 Te Muna Road Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc. Aromas of figs and melon with a hint of key lima. The palate sweetens the melon to honeydew with a hint of white grapefruit. On sale at for $18.99.

Terry and Mary Peabody Made in New Zealand Featuring Craggy Range

Terry and Mary Peabody (click for larger image)

Owners Terry and Mary Peabody deserve our thanks for sustaining this quality operation.

Mt. Beautiful has the most charming name of all the New Zealand wineries (although Mud House and Te Whare Ra are also contenders). Their 2019 Sauvignon Blanc is closer to what we think of as a traditional sauvignon blanc — the non-vegetal type. Aromas on the grapefruit side with hints of minerality and more minerality on the palate.  Regular price at is $15.99.


Last, but hardly least, is Oyster Bay. Their 2019 Marlborough sauvignon blanc is one of our go-to wines as we move into the warmer months.  It’s available at most Trader Joe’s stores.  In the Bay Area, the price is $10.99.  This wine is grapefruit through and through. Aromas of grapefruit and minerality. On the palate is more grapefruit, with a hint Oriental melon. The finish is long and respectable. Also available at for $13.99.

You won’t go wrong with any of these beauties.


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