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This is the third winery in our review of Made in New Zealand. Giesen (Gee-son) is the family project of brothers Theo, Alex and Marcel Giesen. Their “The Brothers” Marlborough pinot noir blend is outstanding. Prices are from the Giesen website quoted in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and converted to U.S. dollars (USD) at 0.72233 NZD/USD. Giesen only ships direct within New Zealand. And they only sell wine in six bottle bundles. Luckily, converting six bottles to a per-bottle price is easy.

Giesen brothers Giesen is made in new zealand

Giesen brothers (click for larger image)

Where to Find Giesen

In the U.S. many large wine shops carry Giesen. In the San Francisco area, K&L Wines has locations in San Francisco and Redwood City. They also serve southern California in their Hollywood store. Discounted shipping available in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

When Wilfred Wong was the chief buyer for Beverages and More, we found his reviews and ratings matched our taste pretty well. Now he is They carry Giesen and will ship to any state where shipping wine is legal.

The Wine

2014 Estate Marlborough pinot noir (18.74 USD, 25.95 NZD per bottle) opens with aromas of bing cherry, spice and cedar. On the palate you’ll discover minerality with a bit of earth.

The Brothers 2014 blend pinot noir (26.60 USD, 36.83 NZD per bottle) is lighter than the estate. On the nose bing cherry, spice, and earth. A dense, chewy palate features flavors of earth and forest floor with bright acidity.

Giesen at Made In New Zealand

Giesen at Made In New Zealand

The Story

From website:

Growing up in Germany as the sons of a stonemason may not be the most likely start for the founders of a New Zealand winery, but when you look closer, wine is practically running in Theo, Alex and Marcel Giesen’s veins. For centuries, their family members have been involved in the culinary and wine trades, as sommeliers, restaurateurs and other related careers. As youths, the boys had a hobby vineyard that first ignited their interest in grapes.Giesen at Made In New Zealand

While Alex and Theo were initially travelling abroad in Australia and then through New Zealand, they quickly fell in love with the lands. The brothers noticed a limited range of wines available during a chance visit to a local wine shop, with most bottles from the warmer North Island. Alex and Theo agreed the cooler climate of the South Island would be an ideal place to grow certain wines like Riesling, a popular German varietal. This was the catalyst to purchase their first land, in Burnham on the outskirts of Christchurch.


We like these wines. And they’re a bargain. Highly recommended.

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