Escarpment Vineyard Escarpment is a Winner

Escarpment Is A Winner

Back in July, 2016, our friends at Artisan Wine Depot invited us to a blind tasting of ten pinot noirs.  One was Escarpment from New Zealand.  Forthwith our review.

Their ”Te Rehua” 2013 Martinborough, New Zealand ($60). Dark, brooding, mineral nose, herbs, nuts, chocolate on the palate. A note of honeysuckle adds to a complex palate.

Top Dog Milo Escarpment is a Winner

Top Dog Milo

Digital Consultant Bec Collins  Escarpment is a Winner

Digital Consultant Bec Collins

Tractor Whisperer Noel Farmer Escarpment is a Winner

Tractor Whisperer Noel Farmer

Vineyard Manager Rowan Hoskins Escarpment is a Winner

Vineyard Manager Rowan Hoskins

Winemaker Huw Kinch Escarpment is a Winner

Winemaker Huw Kinch

CEO Larry McKenna Escarpment is a Winner

CEO Larry McKenna

Escarpment Vineyard was established in 1998 as a joint business venture between Robert & Mem Kirby (of Australia’s Village Roadshow) and Larry & Sue McKenna. Collectively, these four directors bring to Escarpment a world of experience, skill and understanding to the nurturing and making of fine, deliciously sublime wine. Click here to read their full bio sketches.

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